Classic Collection

Our Classic Collection is acclaimed for its antique style and unquestionable elegance. Our delicate attention to detail is meant to accentuate the natural brilliance and scintillation of the precious stones and metals. Read more...

Modern Collection

Our Modern Collection features a variety of simple yet inventive designs that exemplify the polished sophistication of the contemporary woman. The effortless versatility of these pieces allow them to transition easily from day to night... Read more...

Latest Collection

Our latest collection combines La Bella Bestia’s traditional and contemporary styles to make jewellery for men, women and children. By incorporating new materials like metal and crystal, the fluidity of our modern collection... Read more...

La Bella Bestia

Welcome to La Bella Bestia

Welcome to La Bella Bestia Jewellery! Founded in 2009, we devoutly provide our valued customers with exquisite jewellery of the upmost quality. Although we are a relatively new company, La Bella Bestia is dedicated to customer satisfaction, striving not only to present elegant, timeless pieces, but also, to provide unquestionable service.

Whether classic, modern or eclectic, our team of pioneering designers creates masterpieces meant to cater to tastes of all kinds. Our company is constantly experimenting with new materials, shapes and designs, to introduce innovative perspectives on familiar sophisticated designs, combining traditional architecture with contemporary details. When a customer purchases and item from La Bella Bestia, one is making a premium investment that is meant to last a lifetime, regardless of other trends that may come and go. From rings, earrings and bracelets, to pendants, broaches and necklaces, we work for you, constructing exceptional pieces for your unique lifestyle and preference. Our commitment is to enhance the existing grace and elegance of our customers with our classic, modern and latest collections. We encourage you to browse our site to shop for extraordinary jewellery in a multitude of styles and ask us any questions you may have along the way.


Check out our most recent addition to the La Bella Bestia family! The Latest Collection contains fresh, brand-new pieces for men, women and children. Complement any of our Classic or Modern Collection items with Jewellery from our Latest collection, which ensures the same elegance and quality that La Bella Bestia has always guaranteed.

New Services! We have recently expanded our already trusted and extensive customer services. For all of La Bella Bestia’s valued customers, we now feature free professional product care for a lifetime! Please visit our Services page for details.