Our Collections

Classic Collection: Our Classic Collection is acclaimed for its antique style and unquestionable elegance. Our delicate attention to detail is meant to accentuate the natural brilliance and scintillation of the precious stones and metals. The collection features refined and luxurious pieces that define the charm and allure of classic beauty. Many of the pieces in this collection can be worn either together for a complete look or alone in a more understated manner; nonetheless, their refined nature ensures that these remarkable items will always be fashionable.

Modern Collection: Our Modern Collection features a variety of simple yet inventive designs that exemplify the polished sophistication of the contemporary woman. The effortless versatility of these pieces allow them to transition easily from day to night, while maintaining the elegance of La Belle Bestia’s Classic Collection. The sleek designs and sculpted details are the perfect touch for those with a subtle yet seductive taste. Simplistic beauty makes the modern collection a staple in wardrobes everywhere, without the discomfort of heavier, old-fashioned accessories.

Latest Collection: Our latest collection combines La Belle Bestia’s traditional and contemporary styles to make jewellery for men, women and children. By incorporating new materials like metal and crystal, the fluidity of our modern collection unites with the elegance of La Bella Bestia’s classic collection, to present chic and innovative designs. The latest collection integrates new trends with classic details to present original and alluring pieces.

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