Our Designers

Sevastyan: Renown for his exquisite designs and delicate forms Sevastyan captures the elegance of our representative Classic Collection. His vintage inspired pieces are perfect for formal occasions such as weddings, holiday parties and galas. A remarkable dedication to intricate detail and artistry makes his jewellery a gift that will stay stylish for many generations to come.

Badri is captivates our customers with his fluid lines. His original and contemporary architecture is the basis of our polished Modern Collection. These sophisticated pieces are essential for any business woman transitioning from the office to dinner and drinks in a sleek and effortless way.

Maximilian is innovative imagination allows La Belle Bestia to present the Latest Collection. His ability to combine both class and modernity has won him much acclaim for both his jewellery and decorative home pieces. As our company expanded over the past two years, he allowed us to extend beyond our traditional jewellery collections, and incorporate pieces suitable for men and children as well. DESIGNER 3’s ornaments encapsulate the characteristic class and sophistication associated with La Belle Bestia offering an original take on our classic and modern styles.

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