Product Care

We advise professional cleaning and care services for any fine jewellery item at least once every year. La Bella Bestia provides these life time services such as repairing clasps and cleaning gemstones free of charge.

Silver is a rigid metal that can be worn often with minimal maintenance. For general care at home, we advise washing silver by hand when necessary with a mild detergent to avoid tarnishing. Silver items should be wrapped in cloth and stored in a dry place to avoid oxidation.

Gold and Platinum
Gold and platinum can be worn daily with minimal maintenance. Gold should be cleaned when necessary with a non-abrasive cleaner. In between wears, gold should be stored back in its box to avoid tarnishing. Wearers should also avoid contact with bleach.

Although diamonds seem rigid, gemstones are extremely delicate and can be chipped or flawed easily. The wearer must be cautious when performing certain tasks with these precious pieces. To clean gemstones one can use a simple solution made up of six parts water to one part ammonia applied with a soft bristle brush.

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